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  1. Costco has a remote thermometer / humidity detector called AcuRite for $27.99 I believe and you can order from the.com with $6.00 shipping. With our rollercoaster temperatures here in the mtns of Colorado, I think I'll like knowing if my smallish coop will be adequate but we're wiring for electricity nevertheless. That way I can play the talk radio loudly on free range days. We're getting so close to "launch" anf this site has helped immensely. From staple attachment to insulation or not to ventilation its been priceless. Doing speech to text on my phone please forgive the punctuation. laptop in hospital
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    I have a remote thermometer and it works well. The sending unit is inside the coop, and the "base" unit is inside the house. I keep track of the high and low for each day, and record each on a spreadsheet, along with daily egg production and daylight hours. A great addition. I also have one in my brooder coop, which tells me the brooder temperature.

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  3. I have an Acu-Rite FC00611RX. It works very well and I am on the second year with the batteries. Seems like it was $14ish at Lows cash and carry. It displays current temperature and both the previous day's high and low as well as the current inside temperature, current Relative Humidity and yesterdays inside relative humidity. It could or should only be used as an guardian when incubating eggs. I am impressed with the accuracy but I am not prepared to trust it with 270 eggs, but it is a valuable tool with which to keep an eye on your incubator especially from a distance. I would only recommend that it be used in this manner in a forced air incubator.

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