11 Years
Jul 10, 2009
North Carolina Sandhills
I’m pretty certain 2 are golden laced polish, 1 should be a light Brahma male that I ordered extra.
I had a Light Brahma accidental rooster. Marion (once Rosemary), was a gorgeous fellow a full 2 feet tall. He lived up to the Brahma reputation for laid-back roosters though his size and weight was hard on the non-Brahma girls who seemed to not have sufficiently thick feathering to protect their backs. :)
My current guesses

Chick Breed-Leg Band Color

Black Copper Marans Orange
Black Split to Lavender Orpington Clear
Blue/Black/Splash Ameraucana Clear
Frost White Legbar Orange
Golden Cuckoo Marans Clear
Heritage Barred Plymouth Rock Yellow
Jubilee Orpington Orange
Partridge Penedesenca Yellow
Swedish Flower Yellow

1. White crested black polish
2. White leghorn
3. Clear leg band
4. EE/green queen?(fluffy cheeks)
5. Clear leg band-blue amercauna
6. Welsummer/leghorn
7. ?
8. WCB Polish
9. Feathered feet/beard-olive egger/ee
10. Yellow leg band
11. Welsummer/leghorn
12. Buff brahma
13. Yellow Leg band
14. White fluff cheeks- EE?
15. Houdan
16. ?
17. Orange leg band-Jubilee orp
18. GL Polish
19. Welsummer/leghorn
20. Clear leg band- Black orp
21. Golden cuckoo maran
22. White leghorn
23. Feathered feet-partridge cochin
24. Orange leg band-juliblee orp.
25. Buffed laced polish
26. ? Domingue
27. ? Welsummer
28. Partridge cochin
29. Partridge cochin
30. Houdan
7. ? Blue Andulusian
16. ? Sapphire Gem or Swedish Flower

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