31 day old eggs I was about to pitch started hatching today!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by chikkken, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. chikkken

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    This has me stumped, I am new here and just figured out how to post to a certain place in forums! So these eggs were all layed within a couple days by the 28th of August and the first one hatched today and is doing well, started with 20, and marked them on the 28th and my calendar so I knew the exact date. One hatched around 10 am, and he was quickly pushed out from under the broody hen and was cold so I helped him out and removed them all, turns out that 2 were rotten and the other 17 at least 16 have live chicks inside. Is this because the temp has been colder at night in the area or why did they take so long, everyone told me to throw them out!!!!
    This was taken within an hour of hatching.
    This is same chick around 6pm tonight, seems to be doing well to me.
    Sorry for the multiple posting of this it's my first day posting here.
  2. chikkken

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    [​IMG]Here is a short video, will post more of the live feed later as they hatch.
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    Wow...31 days!! Yeah, I guess it must have been the cooler temps slowing down the growth process. That is so cool that they are still alive.
  4. chikkken

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    Like I said my intention was to throw them all away until someone on here told me how to see if there alive and to my surprise I am still hatching chicks, 2 survive out of 6 so far but I now have them in a controlled environment so who knows what will happen, here is a pic of one taken earlier he is doing great eating and drinking today and getting around like mad, me and this guy have bonded he is going on 2 days old.
  5. rachmickmurphy

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    Sep 3, 2013
    cute good thing you didnt throw them out.
  6. yokrow

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    Jul 7, 2012
    That to see that there may be hope for my broody hen. I got eggs from MYC and put them under my broody 5 Oct. she kicked one out and two just disappeared. I'll wait until they hatch or smell.

    Gald you went with your gut and didn't toss them.
  7. stonecoldchey

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    Your chick is sooo cute![​IMG]
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    This is what the chic looks like now, almost full grown....It turned out to be a rooster, but I let my niece name it and she says it is Jane...lol[​IMG]
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    He is gorgeous! What kind is he?
  10. chikkken

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    Easter Egg (Ameraucanas)

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