31 hours without unzipping?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by refuge chicken, May 4, 2016.

  1. refuge chicken

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    can someone tell me if this sounds ok please? long story by some miracle an egg kept in a box for its last week has started to hatch, it has a good temp and had a soaked sponge in it, it was already about 5 days later than expected but 31 hours ago it made its first break in the shell, a few hours later it made a little window and thats it, nothing since, he chirps and moves his head but no more progress,
    ive read all the stuff on yolk absorbing ect so know not to rush but is this time frame still ok or should i be getting worried?
    ive dabbed a little water on a cotton bud on the membrane he exposed and put some damp tissue under him but thats it, ive no idea what the humidity is as its just a cardboard box covered with food wrap under a lamp... any advice i'd be grateful thanks, he's come this far dont want him to die now!
  2. Selga

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    Apr 12, 2016
    I would help only if he seems to be stuck there. If he pipped five days later than expected, he could be weak and not healthy enough to hatch and live.
  3. refuge chicken

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    thank you for your reply! he's chirping loudly,but just sitting around not even looking like he's trying to get out, he doesnt look stuck just not bothered about getting out! its nearly 34 hours now, is that still considered normal or not by now?
  4. refuge chicken

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    he's here, at 40 hours he started going quiet and weaker so helped him out, everything absorbed and no blood left, is sleeping sound now but exhausted, his neck seems a bit bent, is that normal from being folded under the wing for so log or could he have a wry neck? i dont know if he'll survive,he's already a miracle baby, any advice gratefully received! thanks from portugal :)

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