32 day old keat runny diarrhea

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    I have 10 guinea keats and they are off all heat. They are 32 days old. I noticed one of the keats has runny diarrhea. It looks runny. They are all energetic and eat and drink normally, no puffed feathers. They have alot of feathers coming in and they are preening them and I have found 1 or 2 small feathers in their cage. They are still inside the house. I had been giving them handfuls of fresh green grass and they loved it. It has been 2 days since I gave them any grass thinking this might be the problem. Today I have put in some sav-a-chick into their water in hopes it will help the one with diarrhea. They did knock over their waterer during the night and I immediately changed their large pine shavings. It is kept clean and dry. What could be the problem with the 32 day old keat with diarrhea? That is the only thing I have noticed and don/t know why. What else should I do?

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    How is the keet with diarrhea doing now? If the poop is still not normal, can you attach a pic of it?
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    I do know that there is no blood in it. Still runny but normal color. Will try and get a picture of it some time tomorrow. This is their first night in the coop with thick hay all over the floor. The ten guineas will huddle together to keep warm.
  4. Jessie22

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    All the keats color eyes, nose beak all look normal. I believe it is on the lowest pecking order. There is no fluffed up feathers. None of them look sick.

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