3256 Pre-Set Electronic Thermostat for GQF Cabinet Incubators


10 Years
Oct 8, 2009
Lewisburg, Ky.
Has anyone used a 3256 Pre-Set Electronic Thermostat for GQF Cabinet Incubators in a home made unit? if you did how did it turn out. I am in the process of planning my design and buying the material needed.

Thank you for your time
Sorry...have never hatched my own...but wanted to welcome you to the the site, so...

from Indiana!

I'm sure someone will be along soon enough to help you out w/your question...
well i am still trying to build one but my 1588 arrived today and i should have some RIR i ordered off ebay next friday or saturday. I have the 1588 already set up and plugged in to run a test for a couple days so i can track the temps. I did get the genesis to make it a bit easier on my first hatching. With every thing preset and a egg turner i am hoping for the best.
Pre-set at our facility for optimum temperature to hatch poultry and game bird eggs. Temperature range adjustable between 98.5F and 100.5F. 110 Volt, 400 WATT Max. The 3256 is offered as a replacement for 3256 equipped models. Use the No. 3255 thermostat when upgrading older cabinet models to a current production electronic thermostat.

Price $76.98

A little pricey for something that only regulates the temps. Hopefully someday that will change. I am in the process of developeing a proto type temperature/humidity controller that will
maintain and display temps and humidity levels to 1/10 degree/%rh and accuracy, as well as control the speed of a electric motor to use as a automatic turner motor. I am expecting the retail price to be under $150. This controller will be available for the DIY that wishes to build their own incubator design as well as a standard feature on prebuilt or kit form cabinet style incubators. Of course I dont have this controller in hand yet, nor am I certain its even going to work, but if your not in any hurry to build your incubator just yet, you might want to consider waiting a few more weeks before you pay big bucks for a thermostat and then have to spend even more money on a automatic turner, as well as purchase a inaccurate thermohydgometer to measure temps and humidity.​
We are waiting on a couple of more weeks of build time and testing, then shipping from Thialand. If everything works as expected, we are still a couple of months out from actually haveing anything for sale. The first few will probably be actually built overseas, either in Germany or Thialand. We either have to buy a preset amount of the controllers or pay a big fee for the blueprints and computer source code. The actual demand will determine if we buy the blueprints and copy rights up front, or just continue to let them build the units for us. If we do decide to build the units ourselfs, they will be built in America, by an American Company,

I think if you have the time to wait, We should be able to sell you a very high quality controller at a very reasonable price. Of course if you need your incubator now, you can still go ahead and build what you need and add one of our controllers at a later date. It will be completely plug and play and very easily adapted to most any incubator design currently on the market. Just drill one hole for the temp/humdity sensor to pass thru and wireing for any accessories, (heater, turner motor, humditiy pump, if you choose to use one), plug into the electrical outlet and turn on. There is even a dip swith if using european power supplies if someone in Europe wants to purchase a controller unit.

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