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9 Years
May 22, 2010
I'd like to clear out eggs this week so am hoping to get these sold and shipped tomorrow, Thursday, 10/21. I've set shipping costs at $20 because the last large order I shipped required $21 in postage. If shipping is less, I will refund any overpayment. Colors available are partridge, buff, blue/splash & white. Most of the eggs are from the buff, white and partridge pens, but I also have some from the blue/splash pen, & will include whatever is laid today & tomorrow am from the black and porcelain/dilute project pen. (no guarantees on these - I have no idea what the hens are going to do). The porcelain project pen has a porcelain pair in it, as well as 3 daughters of the porcelain hen. Right now, one of the hens is setting, but I'm fairly sure the porcelain hen, the porcelain cuckoo hen & the blue partridge hen (all pictured below) are laying since most days I'm getting 3 eggs. I've just candled eggs from this pen and fertility is excellent. The porcelain pair produced 3 beautiful Isabel porcelain chicks late this summer, but I do not know yet what the other hens in this pen are going to produce as far as color. The flock is NPIP certified and AI tested clean. I do show my birds and won BB & RB in December '09 and BB at my April '10 show. This weekend, my birds won BV blue, BV & RV Buff, BV Partridge & RV white. A pullet hatched from a white pair I sold was recently named Grand Champion at the Wa. County Fair in Oregon. I've been getting some really nice chicks this year and all the birds pictured were hatched from the same breeding flocks your eggs will come from. The silkies in my breeding flocks are all carefully chosen for their own individual merits and even more importantly, their ability to produce quality offspring. I do pack eggs extremely well and my customers are reporting good success. A lot of my customers are returning for more eggs, which makes me very happy:) Please be prepared to pay via paypal immediately so I can make arrangements to ship tomorrow. You can see more of my silkies at http://www.catdancesilkies.com. Thank you for looking.

Best of Breed, White pullet 12/09

Best of Breed, Splash pullet, PNPA show, April 2010

Reserve of Breed, Black pullet, 12/09

Best Variety, Partridge pullet, PNPA show, April 2010

Porcelain/dilute group currently laying:

Isabel Porcelain hen (Izzy the matriarch)

Her porcelain cuckoo daughter as a youngster (out of a blue cuckoo roo):

Her blue partridge daughter (out of my black roo):

Porcelain pair (Izzy & Tater)

Some of this year's youngsters:

The same chick as pictured above - a young man now. Congratulations to Jen in Oregon on her purchase of this beautiful cockerel:)

Hatched by Three Cedars Silkies in Florida:

Hatched by Jen in Ohio

Hatched by Christine in Oregon:


A stunning white cockerel hatched in March - watch for him at the shows!


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