36 in the 'bator last night

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    Jun 7, 2008
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    No idea what the hatch rate will be. Husband bought off Ebay, then the seller shipped 2 wks early, arrving the day before we had to leave town so they sat for 3 days extra. No idea how fresh they were, the seller refused to answer any emails.

    I didn't want to try to hatch any thing until we got a better bator since ours is ancient and hardly trustworthy. My dad had to do an emergency repair on the fan to get it working. It got up to temp and humidity lastnight and was close this morning. No one is home to monitor it durig the day so we can just hope it holds.

    With the bad timing they will be hatching on a Tuesday or Wednesday so no one home to watch. :-(

    Fingers crossed we'll get some fuzzies out of this rolling disaster.
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    [​IMG] Rolling disaster! Do like I do and totally forget about them til lockdown and they will all hatch. You watch. Twice this hatch I ran down to 0% humidity.
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    Makes me really happy I bought the dickey. This thing just doesn't vary. Sorry for the crazies you guys are going through. I'd truly let that seller have it with both barrels!

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