36+ Silkie Eggs to ship out Monday

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    I will have 36 Silkie Eggs to ship out Monday. Due to the way they are laying I expect to get 12 b/b/s, 12 white and 12 partridge and some of the partridge could be showgirls as they have started laying.
    If for some reason I do come up short of one color I will replace with another so you have a total of 36 eggs.
    If they lay more than 36 from Saturday-Monday morning when I leave for work I will include them. I will post the actual count on Monday before the auction closes. Thank you for looking and bidding. Cj

    Count as of this mornings collection: 12 partridge (some are Showgirl eggs), 25 white, 19 b/b/s. If this is too many for you pm me and I will break them up. Can ship today or tomorrow.


    visit www.cjsilkies.com to see other pictures.

    after auction please paypal to : [email protected]
    These eggs will ship out Monday!!
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