Andrea PNW

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Sep 4, 2020
Wooo ! Barbe and Ed are at the 3mo mark!! I've kept them alive for 90 days!!!!

I'm still not sure if they are drakes or hens but - I ended up rescuing a senior rouen hen that was dumped at a water reservoir and was clearly someone's pet (she practically jumped in my lap after I went to assess the situation after a week's long FB post/thread on our local community page about a flightless female "mallard" completely by herself and running up to anyone that would give her attention).

Point is - her quack (Ruthie) is definitely different than Barbe and Ed's quack. Her quack is low and sounds like a rattle that Marge Simpson's pack-a-day sisters would make but Barbe and Ed honk more and sometimes sound shrill. All of this leads me to believe they are boys and in about 2 or three months I'm gonna have to separate them from Ruthie and intro some additional ladies.

Here's why I haven't resigned that they are drakes yet:

1. Barbe and Ed don't shut up - ever. And I heard cayuga drakes are practically mute.
2. No duck butt feather curl. But in fairness they are three months old that still seems early for adult butt curls right? And Ruthie actually has her own butt curl and she's def a lady.
3. Not much green color on their heads yet. Granted there is some green-ish but not like green green. But again they are still babies at 3mo.

Btws Ruthie is definitely the boss of them and within the first few hours she got them into their kiddie pool for their first big swim! They would look at it but didn't have anyone to show them what the ramp was all about and how to get in!

Any tips for me with my 3mo babies?


Callender Girl

Sep 18, 2018
North Central Iowa
First, congratulations on your success with Barbe and Ed, and for rescuing Ruthie.

All I really know about ducks I've learned with my runners, whose gender is easily recognized before three months. It's interesting that you describe the youngsters voices as shrill. My boys sound like a crowd of mumbling old men.

I love your pool! Ruthie sounds like a great addition to your flock.

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