3month old chicken suddenly has trouble walking / standing up


Oct 1, 2020
  • 4 chickens , 3 months old
  • 2x Rhode Island Red / 2x silver laced Wyandotte
  • Vaccinated for Marek’s Disease
  • Feed them Natural Harvest Poultry feed (step 2) , corn, apples, lettuce/spinach, other veggie scraps
  • Coop outside

  • completely normal behaviour observed when letting chickens out of coop

  • when letting chickens out, noticed that one was slow & uncoordinated. Fell down; looks drunk and with low energy. Seemed to be leaning front and to the right. Stopped fully extending neck.
  • Did full inspection of the chicken, no visible injury.
  • We took out the food & added Apple cider vinegar to the water in case it was an impacted crop issue
  • When cleaning out cage, noticed a dead mouse in base
  • All other chickens seem fine
  • At night, the one chicken made it back into upper coop but could not jump up to roost. Stayed standing

  • noticed in morning that tank was lying down in spot I saw her at previous night
  • When exiting upper coop , she lost balance and fell forward. Corrected herself but stayed lying down.
  • Poop looks normal
  • Chicken is still slow moving/uncoordinated. Fed some water and banana. decided to isolate from flock. Other birds still seem normal

If anyone has any insight / ideas on what this might be and what to do, it would be greatly appreciated!!! Please see link below to a google drive for pictures/videos



Jan 13, 2019
Probably Mareks...........the vaccine doesn't prevent it. Only lessens the effects. Sorry


Free Ranging
Feb 12, 2015
North Florida
I would try supplementing B vitamins, and some E and selenium to see if it helps. Vitamin deficiencies are not uncommon and can cause some odd neuromuscular symptoms and they can cause balance issues, sometimes they will look drunk. I have had hens in molt, that aren't eating well have issues and supplementing B complex takes care of it. IF it's marek's there is nothing you can do, but vitamins are simple, harmless, and may help. Get a human B complex tablet or capsule, give her half of one daily, ground up or emptied and mixed in some moistened feed. 400 iu of E daily, capsule also emptied and mixed in some feed. A bit of scrambled egg, canned tuna, or sunflower seeds for selenium (helps with the uptake of E). See if you get some improvement. If it's vitamins, then once reversed, they can be normal again.

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