3rd Annual Northeastern "Sharkie" Chickenstock - NH - July 7, 2012!!! Come one...come all!!


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Since this is NH and it is the Granite State...we are having a

"Rockin-Stock" !!

This will be so much fun!!

Ok folks here is the official thread
Let's begin our planning for our 3rd annual stock/chicken peep get together!!

This event is open to the public!! Please feel free to bring friends!

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Updated to add ADDRESS!!
6 Red Water Brook Rd
Claremont, NH 03743

Chickenstock to be held on our farm here in Claremont, NH - JULY 7, 2012!!! This is a one day event and will be held on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. Plenty of time for those of you who will need time to travel. Sure hope you can attend!

If you have ever been to a chicken swap or if you haven't here is how this works.

If you would like to sell anything, you bring a table and an easy up awning and you set up whatever you have to offer. Things I have seen at past chickenstock: Chickens, chicks, eggs (hatching and eating), bunnies, flowers, plants, seads, nest boxes, feeders, waterers, cages, canned goods, homemade items (crafts, crochet, knitting) maple syrup, lawn ornaments.

Remember if you bring anything alive (including children :) ) they are your responsibilty. Depending on the weather they will need shade, they will need food and water - please plan accordingly.

If you are coming to buy - bring boxes if you will be taking home birds or chicks or anything else you may need a box for.

We will have a potluck lunch. Please feel free to bring a dish. Let me know ahead of time what it will be and I will add a list here for everyone to work from.

There are a few Hotels in the area and we are in Dartmouth Lake Sunapee region in beautiful NH, for those of you who are coming from a distance and want to make an overnight of it.

Please keep in mind this will be an outdoor event. This event will be held rain or shine - dress and pack appropriately. We will have an awesome time no matter the weather.

I will need as much help as possible and will be seeking sponsors for the raffle as is the usual custom. Any donations to the auction would be greatly appreciated.

Bring your birds, your chair and your dish to share and have a day with like minded people!!!
ATTENTION: I do not mean this to sound offensive, snarky or rude. I am asking this out of respect for everyone attending and the health and safety of their flocks. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY BIRDS WHO APPEAR TO BE SICK. I have the right to deny you entrance to my farm on threat of bio-security to the other animals present on the farm. If you bring ill, poorly attended birds I may ask you to leave regardless of how far you have driven. - Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

People planning to attend and sell birds from out of State, must be NPIP - please PM me.

The following pages will contain much information in our planning. Please check back here as I will update this original post as needed.

Now let's have some fun planning!!!
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Oct 18, 2009
New Hampshire
So who is in and what are you bringing?

Potluck Items:
BYOBeverages - grab a cooler and fill it with what you like. Feel free to share if you choose.
BBQ Meats - ACES

Burger rolls - Zekii
Hot dog rolls - Zekii
Condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish) -
Sliced and diced onions for burgers and dogs - memechick

Paper Plates - luvmysilkies & nhnanna
Bowls - luvmysilkies & nhnanna
Napkins - luvmysilkies
Plastic Utensils - memechick
Red Solo Cups - blazibgsaddles
Drinks - Everyone

Salad Dishes:
Macaroni Salad - Sonew
Deviled Eggs - holyhart
Garden Salad - memechick
Tomato mozzarella basil salad! -Keara

Sliced Watermelon - memechick

Brownies - puglady
Strawberry dessert - holyhart
dessert called chocolate oblivion - BuckaBucka

For Sale (or free):
Light Brahma breeding quad (1 rooster and 3 hens)
BBS Marans quad (1 rooster 3 hens)
Few Wheaten Ameraucanas (6 weeks)
Birchen Marans Cockerel
Wheaten Ameraucana Cockerels
Beautiful White Cochin Cockerel (Jamie Matts' line)
Beautiful Red Brown Cochin Cockerel (Jamie Matts' line)
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Cockerel (dark Splash) (Foley/ Sterling lines)

ASHANDVINE - I'd like to sell, trade or even gift some GFF Cream Legbar cockerels. I also have Mottled Houdans-a-plenty. ( I need to make room for some Brahmas!!)

* Pair of white call ducks $35 - let me know ahead of time so I will be sure to bring them

*one splash silkie rooster, a splash hen and two black pullets - all very nice quality birds, from Bad Azz Silkies (Bob). I am driving 4 1/2 hours and really do not want to drive home with anything I bring - please contact to arrange purchase prior to stock.
Free rooster - barred rock/silkie cross

3 BLRW pairs
that I'm culling because their color is off for what I'm looking for. $15 a pair. (presale)
We don't plan on bringing them unless someone wants them because our drive is a long one.

These are all hatchery stock pullets except for the silkies.
13 Barred Rock Pullets - 12 weeks (possible partial pre-sale pending, PM me if your interested and I'll know by mid-week how many are spoken for)
2 NH Reds - 9 Weeks
6 RIRs - 8 Weeks
6 Buff Orps -8 Weeks
12 Black Stars 5 Weeks
6 RIRs - 5 Weeks
6 Delewares - 5 Weeks
10 Silkies - 4 Weeks Straight Run from SQ Catdance(BYC) eggs
12 EE's - 3 Weeks

1 Chick Magnet
10 month old blue eyed black dwarf bunny. proven doe
blue lionhead doe
4 month old gold seabrite pair
crocheted trivits
crocheted and knitted baby blankets
blue and black naked neck polish/aracauna
frizzled cochin /aracauna--this bird is rumpless
blue-black-and white silkies
blue showgirl
white sultans
black sultan cross--has horns
old english hen--not sure on color--looks lemon--do they come in lemon?
mottled old english/mottled serama cross chicks
a pair of bantam cochins. they are about 10 months old. the hen is lavender and the roo has lavender body color with splash markings. pm me with any questions.

more to come
I have a beautiful litter of holland lops but they will be 1 week shy of selling age.
might bring some chicken hatching eggs
anyone interested in coturnix quail hatching eggs?


Again...I do have the silver laced brahma chicks but will not bring unless someone is really interested.

I have what I believe is a white ameraucana pair too 4 weeks old....hopefully i can be 100% on their sex before chickenstock as I HATE being told birds are girls only to see them not!

So heres my list of what I can bring

Smooth and frizzled gold laced polish 7$ each

2 white ameraucana chicks pair? If they are a pair 15$ if not..roos 5$ each

The 3 lav and split lav ameraucana hens

White ameraucana roo..8 months old..i have two only need 1... Hes so sweet I couldnt process him;( 10$
Millie fleur cochin bantam again sweet as a button but I have two...hes 2....5$

Multiple black copper and blue copper maran roo chicks 6 weeks old...from one of the top breeders..the chicks were hatched from eggs on a 7-8 color chart...will be huge birds...I paid 12$ each as day olds for these! Asking what I paid for them just to recoup some $....

Debating 6 millie fleur duccle chicks that are 6 weeks old....my broody just hatched out 5 more of them and combining them eventually might be tough....sex unknown but if I had to guess...they appear to be all girls!!! MAYBE on boy?

I do not bring birds back home with me for biosecurity reasons so if your interested in anything..I want to presell them to guarantee I dont have to travel back with them.....

Splash and Blue Ameraucanas
Guinea Hens
Mottled Bantam Cochins - nhnanna
Wheaten Ameraucanas - nhnanna
Cream Legbar - Pullets
Pullets 10+ weeks
Dark brahma pullet
Quail bassette pullet
Barnevelder pullet
Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Pullet
Cream Legbar Quad,
pullets or
possibly hatching eggs
Tolbunt Polish (a girl can dream right!)
Blue Copper Marnas hatching eggs

looking for pullets for my clients here in the city that are within a couple of months of point-of-lay (either younger or older) of any of the following breeds, in just about any colors:
Ameraucanas/Easter Eggers
Modern Games
Polish (frizzle or smooth)
Plymouth Rocks
Rhode Is Reds
Cochins (frizzle and smooth)
They MUST be pullets/hens (no roos allowed in most of the towns I cover), and while there's a small chance I'll be looking for chicks by then, at the moment I'll definitely be looking for birds old enough to go straight outside and start layin'!

Eggs being offered for Sale:
Black Copper Marans
BBS Cochins
Wheaten / Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas
Lav / Split Lav Ameraucanas

Black Copper Marans / Olive Egg Layers
Wheaten / Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas
Lav / Split Lav Ameraucanas

Raffle items:

Chicken Towels -
3 Gallon Waterer - jerseygirl
7 lb. chick feeder - jerseygirl
15 lb. Hanging Feeder - jerseygirl
Chicken Vet Kit - Lovinsmypeeps
New Canning book - from ACES
Large Chicken Water Pitcher (new) - ACES
Ceramic Chicken Serving Bowl (new) - ACES
Nest boxes - From Blazing Saddles
New Chicken Table runner - ACES
Nest Boxes from Sonew and Mr. Sonew
Feed Sack Totes - from dmccann
Feed Sack Wallets - from dmccann
Vintage Chicken Bottle Opener - From Tab's Chickens
Happy Hens Treat Package - Randall burkey Co.
Feed Products - MannaPro Feed Co.
1 Year Subscription - Backyard Poultry Magazine
Discount Coupons - Backyard Poultry
2 - $50 Gift Certificates from Mt Healthy Hatcheries
1 dozen Breda Chicks - Greenfire Farms
2 T-shirts - Ideal Poultry
Wall mounted, cast iron, rooster dinner bell - Holyart
2 - 50# bags Layer Pellets - Blue Seal
Cute Nest Box - The Yolk Folks

Many more items to come....
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