3rd Pullet Laid an Egg But Which one?


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Mar 11, 2010
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Ok so for this past 2 weeks I've been getting 2 eggs almost everyday, but today when I came home from work I found a 3rd egg in the nest box, its whiteish cream, and a little smaller than my already small brown eggs my other pullets are giving me, so Im wondering who this little egg might belong to, I have 4 silkies which are 22 weeks old so i kind of doubt it its them, but then again all of my other pullets are brown egg layers, I have orpingtons, Rocks, RIR's, NHR, Sex links, and EE's, but I doubt its the EE's since their comb is not even red yet.
Anyways the egg looks a lot like my older silkie hen eggs, but i know it cant be hers since she just hatched some chicks this past week and she is busy taking care of her little chicks.
So my question is could it be that my silkies started laying at a very early age? Cuz by what I understand they usually take a long time.
Here's a picture for comparisson, on the right is an egg laid by my RIR pullet pretty small, then on the middle is the egg in question, and on the left is a large regular store bought egg
Thanks in advance.

Some sex links lay white eggs. They are known for their early laying, too. Maybe one of those?

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