3wk chick cant lift head

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    I have 3 female chicks all 3weeks old. One of the chicks last night (about 19hrs ago) wouldnt get up. I picked her up & she wriggled, a good sign she was alive. She appeared to not be able to raise her head. The other 2 chicks were walking over the top of her & she wouldnt move out the way so I picked her up. I thought she was going to die.
    I separated her from the other two & just held her most of the night to keep her warm & still.
    This morning she appeared to be more alert. She can eat, she can preen herself & peck the floor of the brooding box. But she cant raise her head to drink the water down her gullet & she cant raise her head enough to look up at the ceiling.

    The chicks have been attempting to flap out of the box. I thought she may have landed heavily & hurt herself? She was ok an hour before hand, so I have no idea what could have happend. Theres no blood or obvious signs of injury. I have felt her neck & back & nothing is protruding. When she stands her head is almost lower than her body, sort of hooked over. She can walk & even hop on a perch, but the head is still downwards. Im worried she wont be able to get any fluids into her. Its a mystery.

    I have them all on that baby chick feed & water. Their bedding is pine shavings. And I still have a light on for them. Theyve been out once 3 days ago...into the nesting box part of the coop. The coop is brand new & there was nothing in there they could have eaten apart from the shavings & bedding, because they stayed right next to me.

    I called my vet today. They dont do birds. They offered advice on maybe a vitamin deficiency?? I called another vet attached to a food barn place I buy the chicks feed from.
    They werent in. The chicks are inside my house, & warm. I am seeing how she goes today....I have no money at the moment until next pay, so will have to make do with caring for her myself.

    She doesnt seem to be in distress or pain. Her poop is runny. I havent fed the chicks anything else apart from their baby feed.(pre 6week feed).

    I will err on the side of caution tonight & put her in a box on her own with a light as I dont want the other chicks to be responsible for further injury.

    I dont know if its a muscular injury, nerve or inherent illness???

    What do you think??[​IMG]

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