3wo chick, plucking victim, now white pastey butt, not eating

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    Mar 12, 2015
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    I have had some pullets dumped on me. 3 have been victims of having their tail feathers picked out by the others (were not being kept with an infrared light and the ones plucked have red feathers coming in). They are now under an infrared light and I have removed the 3 victims and placed them in their own area.

    2 of them are acting completely normal and there are no irritated skin areas, poop looks normal, etc.

    The 3rd chick is having issues. The tail area was raw with blood from where the feathers were pulled out as recent as yesterday. I am spraying vetericyn vf on the area. The vent was blocked with a hardened white paste; I cleaned that off by soaking in warm water and gently working it away. That skin is intact, but seems hardened and the vent looks too open to me (best I can describe). The chick is very docile, but not lethargic (think just it's personality mostly). She is drinking water as of last night, but I haven't been able to get her to eat (as of this morning... she may have and hopefully has eaten since I left for work).

    Any advice on getting her to eat and if I need to apply a softening agent to her vent, etc.? I am very experienced with animals, used to work as a vet asst and do animal rescue, but am a newbie to chickens. Just been using common sense up until this post. Hope I have done right by her so far. Thanks for any input!

    (I will try to upload a photo later today. I didn't get a chance to last night due to a hectic schedule.)

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