3yr Old Grade Pony Gelding - Green Broke


8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Northeast Pennsylvania
Name: Ghirardelli (AKA: Pony, Stupid, Meathead)
Age: 3yrs
Height: 13-13.1hh-ish
Weight: 600lbs
Breeding: Unknown, but think there is some Standardbred there

When I say green, I mean it. His ground work isn't even done. He lunges great on his good side, but fights like the devil on his bad side. He saddles well, fly sprays, ties, leads, loads and bathes. He has never been clipped, but I think he will take it well if you take your time. He has been rode a total of about an hour by 2-44yr old novices. Most of it was done on the line. I had a young lady come and try helping me with Pony, but she was as green as he is. He went on a short 15min trail ride out my drive and down the road a little ways and he did very well. He spooked at a couple of things, but once he was able to check them out, he kept going like they were things he has seen every day.

Pony is very laid back and calm. He has gotten himself into some situations where he had to wait for us humans to come rescue him. He waited when most other horses/ponies would have flipped out and hurt themselves and others.

He normally only gets about 50-60lbs of hay a day and whatever grass he can find in his pasture (it's not a lot) during summer and fall. Once they start to velvet for the winter, I put pony on 2cups of oats and 2cups of corn each feeding, 2x a day. He's already velveted - he's early - and he's not on his feed yet. He is not up to date on anything (shots, coggins, farrier). I only worm 2x a year and he's about due for it now. In 2yrs, he's never been sick.

Pony have never kicked anyone. He is young and he likes to mouth things and if you aren't paying attention and you let him mouth you, he may take a bit more than a nibble. He hasn't bothered any of us in almost a year, so I am assuming he's past that phase in his life, but then again, we don't really mess with him much anymore. He is easy to catch in the pasture - he usually comes up to you. He does get bored with the farrier and will start moving around, but with time he should get much better. He has some issues with his grain... He isn't mean, he doesn't bite, charge, attach or what have you. He will stomp his feet, twitch his tail and will let you know that it's his feed. He also slams his bucket around and quite often dumps his feed if I don't have the bucket nailed to the board. Even nailed, he'll still manage to dump some of it out. You can still pet and brush him while he's eating, so he's not mean. I think he was in a herd setting before we got him, where they fed them as a herd and he had to fight off the others.

If I wasn't so big, Pony would have been trained by now. Sadly, my weight does not allow me to do training anymore. Even worse is my mom is 98lbs soaking wet and won't come and help me with him. My son is afraid of riding and my daughter has no interest (they are both green anyways). Between the lack of help and the fact we are moving and I can't keep him and the Quarter Paint, the pony has to go before October.

You are responsible for any hauling needed. Please don't hit the buy it now if you have no way of hauling Pony.
Full cash payment expected at time of pick up.

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