4 1/2 wks..girls out for the first time!..help ID a couple....pic hvy


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Feb 18, 2009
Had a beautiful Alabama day..77 degrees and the girls wanted out of the coop ( some not by choice ;-)...all 25 of em...(well not all girls...2 leghorn roos!)...please help us ID the girls in the solo pics...the black and white and chipmunk colored...we know we've got EE's , white crested black polish and cochins but thats it...others we dont have a clue...the girls spent all day out and had a ball.. didnt want to go back in the coop! hope that part gets easier...


who am i ?

look at us were fuzzy!


what am i ?

hangin at the back of the coop


oh yeah almost forgot please tell us what we are ????


I agree---the last ones look like Barred Rocks--not sure about the others--sorry.

On second thought---The chick in the first picture has greenish legs so I think it might be an EE. The second pic didn't show up--maybe a messed up link.
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The chipmunk chicks can also be EE's or Welsummers...my Wellies look more like chipmunks than my EE's do.

If the black/white don't turn out to be BR or Dominiques maybe they are Marans. The black/white birds didn't have white spots on their heads? Marans have a white spot on their heads with the roos having the larger spots.

This is a Welsummer at two weeks:
Agree with everyone. Black and white ones are barred rocks, the black one with feathered legs is a cochin, the white one with feathered legs is a cochin. Cute chickens, I bet they had a ball out for the first time.
White ones without fuzzy feet could be White Rocks. They are often sold along with EE, and Barred Rocks. Great looking group of teenagers. I call em teenagers because they are not quite grown and a little clumsy.

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