4 2-week-old Split/Lavender Orpingtons- P/U NorthEast Kansas

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    I have 4 Splits that come from one of my improvement pens, from which I am keeping only the Lavenders right now. The offspring of these will follow the Punnett square for Split to Split when interbred. Due to the diversity in the pen, there is only a ~20% of you breeding sibling offspring together should you do so.

    I want to sell these right away and will be taking them to the Overbrook swap should they not go on this auction. Due to this being a small group, I won't ship them alone- so they're priced to sell!

    You can see some shots of parents on Facebook


    Here's Guitartists' fabulous Split to Split Punnett Square:


    If you're confused, I'm selling 2 hatches 2 weeks apart. They are in the same brooder (along with lots of other chicks and a peachick!).

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