4.5 mo Buff Brahma Flock Master - local pickup only

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    Jun 15, 2011
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    Great Potential Flock Master Available!

    Those of you with roosters know how essential a good flock master can be, one that is good to his girls and you.

    I have a 4.5 mo Buff Brahma cockeral who has just started to crow so he needs a new home. Buffzilla is a gentle giant, not mean to the other chickens or me, and acts like he could be a great flock-master. If a hen he tries to mate with really resists, he backs off. He is only attempting with my few hens that look like they are ready to lay. When I pick him up (he doesn't like it) he won't try to bite me and he'll take treats from my hand. I realize he's young and his personality could change, but right now he is awesome! [​IMG] I can't keep him since I'm in Portland proper, or I wouldn't even consider getting rid of him.

    He is free to a good home that will not be eating him. I'd rather give him away where he can fulfill his potential, than sell him to the feed store. I'll be taking him to the Urban Farm Store on Sunday to be rehomed if I don't get any offers before then.
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