4-5 week old chick bloated/constipated

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  1. Ceedub

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    Jun 1, 2016

    We have a 4-5 week old Silver-laced Wyandotte that until the last two days had been acting perfectly normal. The past two days we noticed she was not near as active as the other four chicks we have of the same age. When we were checking her over we noticed that her underbelly and rear felt very full and almost hard.

    We've now separated her to her own area with own food and water to monitor food, water, activity, and poops. She hardly walks around and will often stand in one place for hour or two at a time, rarely laying down as well.

    She does not have pasty butt, but we've tried soaking her rear and vent in warm water to help try to relax and get a movement going. We've tried using a q-tip to slightly open the vent to see if that will work. Sometimes we get a poop, but nothing 'big' and she does not seem to be improving. We try to give her yogurt (won't try it, even when putting a little on her beak). She will still eat her chick food and drink water on her own, just doesn't seem to eat or drink very much.

    Any other ideas or thoughts on what could be the cause, and what a cure could be?

  2. rlapierre

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    May 4, 2016
    Some save a chic electrolyte type mixture might perk it up.
  3. I think your chick is fine!!
    Tomorrow it will run around and poop with the rest of them!
    Everyone yells electrolytes!! I have never used them and have raised many, many, many chicks!

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