4/5 week old chicks going into coop. Heater or no heater?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by bbecca, Apr 12, 2017.

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    May 24, 2016
    I have 4/5 wk old chicks that have been in my unheated mudroom since I got them. Temps have been in 50's during the day and 30/40's at night. I do have a heat lamp on them but they are probebly 60 % feathered out. For several reasons I MUST put these chicks in the coop tomorrow. So I don't have time to prep them for no heat out in the coop. Do I still need to provide heat for them or will they be ok? I am transferring them to a dog crate because they will joining my 1 yr old existing flock in the same coop. So my concern is, in order for the heat lamp to do its job it needs to be closer to the chicks and what if one of older chicks flys up or knocks over heater? So I'm thinking I will just put them in without one. Please give me some input thanks!
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    I would use the heat lamp at night if it gets in the 30's.
  3. Chickens produce heat...The chicks will cuddle down into the bedding...:)....I am sure they will be fine..:)

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    They'll probably be OK.
    Tho if you haven't bothered to acclimate them to reduced temps,
    a drastic temp change could cause stress related problems.

    Make them a 'huddle box', put it in the brooder after turning off the heat(you might have to 'persuade' them to use it) then move it out to the coop with them.
    Cardboard box with a bottom a little bigger than what they need to cuddle next to each other without piling and tall enough for them to stand in.
    Cut an opening on one side a couple inches from bottom and big enough for 2-3 of them to go thru at once.
    Fill the bottom with some pine shavings an inch or so deep.
    This will give them a cozy place to sleep/rest, block any drafts and help hold their body heat in.
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