4-5 weeks old chicks and outside pin?


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Apr 24, 2017
Brantley County, GA
So, I've said this before I am new to chicken owning!!

How old do chicks have to be until they are ready to go outside by themselves?

I heard they have to be 10 weeks, is that true?

Any other questions? Just ask! :)
:frow Hi from a fellow Georgian:

No, they can go out when they have feathered up - 5-6 weeks - No supplemental heat should be needed here in GA.

I can't imagine how to keep them inside til 10 weeks old :eek:
What kind of brooder are they in? I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving them in a screened in porch overnight, because of predators. Do you have a coop built yet?
Topic of the Week - Integrating Chicks into an Adult Flock

The above is a discussion from last year with loads of experienced help with how to add to your flock. Link didn't work, but you can copy and paste in the search to find it.
Our older birds were in the brooder until 10 weeks, which was way too late. Coop construction was delayed mostly due to a month of rain ... They had enough feathers to be outside at about 6 weeks. I would use the feathers and not a calendar to gauge when the chicks are ready to be booted out of the brooder.
Then they are already outside ;)

So likely the transition to the coop will not be an issue?

But, to clarify the question - do you mean move to their forever home or want to let them free range alone?

They're in there forever home, but they are gonna be transferred in their coop.
(Does that make sense? I don't know just typing what my mom is saying.)
I put mine out into their permanent coop at 4.5 weeks. A few days later, they were allowed into their fenced run as well. I would not let them free range outside until they are nearly full grown.

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