4-6 Standard Buff Cochin hens & Standard White Cochins (VA)

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  1. I am looking to buy 4-6 nice Standard Buff Cochins hens/older pullets and either 4-6 White Cochin hens/pullets and a roo or 10-12 Standard White Cochin chicks.
    Would like nice quality but doesn't have to be SQ.
    I am in Virginia and can pickup within a few hundred miles (VA,MD, WVA, PA, NC) or willing to pay shipping.

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    Feb 9, 2009
    Tom Roebuck has great cochins. He is BYC: cochinman2005

    and here is his site:


    If he doesn't have anything for sale, I am certain he can point you in the right direction. He also lives in VA.
  3. Thanks, Tom has a couple of them so still looking for a few more :)

    Add 2 Blue Standard Cochin hens to the list too!


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