4 and a half week old chick can't walk


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May 21, 2009
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She can't seem to use her legs. But I don't think they are paralyzed since she can move them but not often. She is eating and drinking. Now she just had a large poop, there is blood, not bright red a little darker. Her wings don't seem paralyzed either she just seems weak but she can move them. I put her on vitamins just in case it was a deficiency but with the bloody poop now I know it must be something else. I need to figure out what it is b/c she is in with a bunch of other chicks. If I brought her to the vet for a test I kind of need an idea what to ask them to test for.
I would treat for cocci, just to be on the safe side especially with blood in the poop, you'll need to treat all of them. Sulmet or Corid is what you need to get or take to the vet and let them do a fecal sample. Good Luck
and heres a link to help with leg problems https://sites.google.com/a/poultrypedia.com/poultrypedia/
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