4 birds only 1 egg per day ??


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My girls just started laying (9/20/9). Out of the 4 buff orphingtons I am getting one egg per day. I am getting 2 distinctly different sized eggs (some are very large and some are more modest). Three of the first 7 eggs were also double yolked. All the eggs have been in the same nest box (2 boxes for the 4 girls) I am guessing maybe only 2 of my girls are laying ?? What are reasonable expectations for newly laying birds?
Every chicken's laying habits are her own. That said, are you supplying supplemental light for them? Some are more sensitive to the daylight span and will not lay with insufficient light. What is their diet like? If it's not meeting their needs they're less likely to lay.
I have four Barred Rocks. First egg was Sept 2nd 2009. In the first 12 days we got 14 eggs. Most days since we get 2 and now sometimes 3. Sept 17th was the first 3 egg day. We still have days where we may get one. Had a very large egg 2 days ago, but none since(large eggs) I figure at least three of my hens are laying think I still have one that isn't. Breed to breed they vary so don't sweat it yet, they'll come around. Any way for what it's worth, that what my four are doing. Good luck p.s. I am planning on getting some buff orphingtons next , they are supposed to be good layers so good luck!
They are getting the layer feed by Purina. They eat WELL (as in a lot). Of course, every day I give them treats of some kind... corn cobs, grass , veggies, etc. We still have about 13 hours of daylight..?? Thank you for your thoughts.

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