4 BSL pullets, 18 weeks, no shipping, central TX

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    Aug 20, 2009
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    4 BSL's, approx 18 weeks, 2 may already be laying, with so many here I'm not entirely positive yet but I am getting the occasional darker than usual tan egg. They all squat readily now! Need to make some room in this pen, we are a bit overcrowded at the moment.
    One of them honks like a goose, we are thinking she's trying to crow at the silkie roo in the neighboring pen because she only starts up when he's having his hissy fit crow-a-thon. It's funny, really!
    Take all 4 and I'll throw in an EE/mutt mix cockerel that is about 12 weeks for free if you want him.
    Pick up or limited delivery to within 40 miles of Mason TX. (delivery to Brady, Llano, Fredericksburg if I'm headed that way already, possibly Menard)
    $10 each

    Email or pm me for info instead of hitting the BIN button


    The little cockerel, hatched from a green egg [​IMG]

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