4 Buff Orp and Black Australorp Roos for sale/trade NJ

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    Apr 9, 2007
    I've got 2 beautiful Buff Orpington cockerels (hatched last summer by me) for sale or trade. They are giant (from what the seller of the eggs told me-I bought them off Ebay and they told me the parent stock won shows all the time...I don't know that for sure though.) These are golden and so big!

    I also have 2 Big Huge Black Australorp cockerels for sale or trade. They are shiny, glossy black with a green sheen when the sun is shining on them. A few pics- 1st one is not great- its freezing rain out today....the 2nd one show them in the background, behind the BO boy.
    I just have too many to keep. You can see that some of their tail feathers are being pulled out...They're getting too old to keep that many together. I'll trade for eggs, chicks or anything else you might have to offer that I need.
    Lisa (in wet cold NJ)
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