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I am going to start building a coop for my 5 little chicks. I was going to do something very simple and the measurements will be 6 feet slanted roof (5 foot on one end and slants to 6 foot.. for drainage) and then 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. I was going to put 2 nest boxes inside.. a 4 foot by 4 foot brooder on the other end. I was going to put in about 6 or 7 vents up near the roof area, a window and a door with a window in the door.

Is this big enough? If I am going to take the time to build something like this, I'd like to make sure I"m giving plenty of room. To add another few feet wouldn't be a big deal.

There will eventually be a decent sized outdoor penned area for them.. about 25 feet by 25 feet.


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If the brooder will be outside the 4x8 area, it should work for now -- but if you're going to have a brooder, I assume you will eventually want more chickens. In that case, it wouldn't cost much more to build it 8x8. I love that kind of roof as it allows for ventilation all the way around the top of the walls, especially if you overhang the roof.

I would personally not build smaller than 8x8 if I were starting from nothing and could manage it. For even a few chickens, like 5, this is comfortable for them for getting out of bad weather, plus allowing room for a garbage can to store feed - and maybe a stool to sit and watch or interact.

A lot depends on climate. If you live in a hot climate you don't even need a 4 sided structure -- or if you want one for security, then you need large areas that are open air. My coop is 4 sided, but essentially, two sides are hardware cloth. Shade and breeze are necessities of life here. But what is necessary breeze in the south is protection from drafts for the roost area in Canada.

When you've made some more posts, the system will let you give a general location, which makes these kinds of conversations simpler!


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May 26, 2012
If you are looking to know what the size of a 4x8 coop may look like, here is an example of one of my 4x8 coops.


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Mine is 8 x 6 for seven chickens and I wouldn't want it smaller. Lots of room for storing their supplies, plus roosts and nesting boxes. Two windows and venting under the eaves. My run is 12 x 6 and I'm envious of the larger one you said you'd have. But, the girls seem happy, so I guess I should be, too.


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