4 Cameo peafowl eggs


12 Years
Aug 8, 2007
Maryland 21787

DSC_0267 by S!GNATURE, on Flickr

I have a LOVELY assortment of cameo peafowl.
The pen consists of this stunning cameo white eye male. His peahens are Cameo silverpied, Cameo black shoulder and Spalding Cameo.

This auction is for 4eggs, but more is available.
Paypal to [email protected]

DSC_0031 by S!GNATURE, on Flickr

DSC_0032 by S!GNATURE, on Flickr

DSC_0034 by S!GNATURE, on Flickr

I also have some yearling cameos available.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, there is no guarantee on hatchability of eggs.
I see this auction will end Fri morning. will they be sent Fri or will you what till Mon with fresher eggs.
Love the Cameo color, Ruben
Well, it was a blonde moment LOL I wanted it to end Thursday, so youd have them sat

Looks like I'll ship on Monday unless the winner can pick up.

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