Apr 5, 2019
Kinville Homestead
My chickens were killed between 11:30pm to 7:30-8 am. Feathers were everywhere in and out of the coop! I walked around looked into our coop and saw my sons favorite bird dead on the ground.
A couple were decapitated and all were killed by being chased caught by the tail feathers being ripped out, even the survivors are missing quite a few tail feathers. The had slashing like claw marks on them but they were not eaten. We had an accidental hatching and we are still trying to catch 4 chickens around 4 months old. They haven’t been attacked yet. I had my girls free ranging for 2 years. Only thing that’s new or different is the neighbors that moved in a few months ago have an outdoor tabby cat. We hadn’t seen a raccoon for a year or so before I got my chickens and I’m telling you maybe one time my leghorn got roughed up when she was hanging in the front yard a lot. Nothing is brave enough to go in they back with our dogs. But this cat maybe noticed we try to keep the dogs out of the very back in the garden in our backyard and they come in for the night. I’m sure other predators would’ve attacked the other babies by now. I’m doing camera surveillance and I can talk and I wil scream yell and go crazy as I run through the house lol!!
If it’s their cat killing my chickens, I want to ask them if he can keep the cat indoors or is they can figure out someway to keep their cat on their property because this is not ok. I will not go through this again. I needed to calm down before discussing it with them as well.
Nov 11, 2020
West Virginia
Where about do you live?
Pictures of your set up?

Highly doubt it was a cat.
Racoon, opossum, mink...fox...
You need to up your security because whatever it was will be back. Predators that'll eat the heads and leave the rest are skunks,weasels,owls,hawks,coons,minks and skunks (not a complete list) I didn't add the cat to this list because if it killed chickens it would kill the easy ones,the chicks running loose .I'm sorry for your loss and hope you can save your flock.

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