4 children, 3 dogs, 1-Mr wonderful (DH), and now 8 chicks! ~(:>3)=


7 Years
May 13, 2012
Ottawa, IL
Hello everyone!

A little background, grew up inner city Chi-town, well if the north-side is considered inner city, moved to the middle of no-where when our kids were 13 & under, now the baby becomes a legal adult at the end of the month, so we bought 8 baby chicks!
They are...
1 Leghorn
3 Cinnamon ???
2 Black sexlinks
2 Rhode Island Reds

They are all happy in the brooder (Rubbermaid box with screening on top for protection from escapees = Seso, leghorn, aka Big Mamma!)

I need to start building my coop and need specific suggestions to the coop size.
Plan on letting them free range as much as possible. But will still build a run for those wonderful middle of Illinois winters! (this past year seemed tropical to say the least which means this year will be extremely cold and snowy!)

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated! Plans would be welcomed with such enthusiasms you would think the president was in town!!

Thanks all!
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Glad to have you here! They have some wonderful coop ideas here - we combined quite of few of the ides shown, and built our own! We only have four peepers (they're only 10 wks. old now) - but they think they're living in a mansion

Have a great day!
Hello and welcome to BYC! Have a look around the forum for inspiration. I think we've got every thing covered here!
Thanks everyone! Il hopefully be starting my coop today with a bunch of building materials left over from friends projects!! ~:)>3)=

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