4 clean toulouse eggs


12 Years
Mar 6, 2007
I have 4 toulouse eggs ready to ship today. 3 are 1 day old and 1 was laid this morning. $35.00 with combined shipping. Could ship this afternoon.
I'm so glad I found this post by you!!!!!

BOTH OF MY GOOSE EGGS ARE GROWING AND EVERY LAST ONE OF THE DUCK EGGS ARE GROWING!! Although I did have to throw out three that died...but that's just incredible! I think this is my first 100% shipment EVER in all these years! You're AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

I just HAD to tell you!!! Sorry I'm yelling, but geez it was neat to candle those bad boys!

Are my goose eggs tolouse? I've forgotten! hehe..sorry! Either way, I'm tickled! We love baby geese.

That is fantastic! I've never had a 100% shipment either.I still need to candle my eggs. Make sure and post me some pics when they're hatched. Yes they're toulouse goose eggs. I saw someone elses pics of a toulouse gosling,so I set one of the eggs also. Possabiltiy that 4 more will go in the bator. They are so cute!
If I had the space and cash, I'd take 'em in a heartbeat! Your eggs are awesome!

Thanks again! I'll be HAPPY when my birds start laying so I can send you those eggs!

uggh..I can't believe no one saw this and jumped on them!! I thought I saw people posting for goose eggs!

Maybe I asked to much. I went ahead and sent them to my Mom and aunt. Plus 17 duck eggs.It's snowing here now,so they'll slow down for awhile. Thanks for your positive input Stacy.
Too much WITH shipping?! No way! Not with an excellent possilbility of a hatch! Your eggs are so clean for ducks and geese and I just again, can't believe the fertility! I mean... I get that from my orps and now my turkeys and my own ducks, but geez, they aren't GOING any further than the chicken yard to the house!

I hope your mom hatches them all out. If she candles, you'll have to let me know how those are doing if you should get a chance!


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