4 Day old chick can't walk/stand

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    I checked on the chicks this morning and they were all fine. Whenever I check if any one is laying down I always bump the cage or open it to make sure everyone moves. I went down tonight and one of my cornish X's was sitting on another one. I opened the brooder to get her off and of course she and all the other chicks started running around except for the one who was being sat on. I picked her up and sat her on her feet and she just fell over. I brought her in and gave her some sav-a- chick with a little sugar in it from a syringe and she drank it. I tried to give her a little egg yolk and she took a very small amount. I have her in a box under a heat lamp with wav-a-chick and flock raiser (what I always feed my chicks) She is sitting up now and holding her head up. She tried to stand but fell over.

    Anything else I should do?

    I also have some pedialight/ electrolyte stuff that we use to give our goats when they get sick. Should I give her some of that? or some gatorade?
    I'm also boiling some eggs so I can try to give her that.

    How often should I give her water with a syringe?

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    Are you allowing the Cornish x access to feed 24/7? You run the risk of them over eating and dropping dead, I have always found it best to take away their food at night.
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    They had access to food 24/7 but I was going to stop that at 2 weeks because that was what I had read you were supposed to do

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