4 day old chicks


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May 25, 2011
My 4 day old meat king chicks apparently think their waterer is a bath tub.. they have managed to get soaked... ALL 25 of them... right now i have a heater on and their light trying to get them dry ofcourse it would have to had been sugar water on top of it.. How am I gonna get them cleaned up???

I would crank the heater up in the bathroom and wait for it to get very warm. Fill the sink with warm water. Put the dirty chicks in a box and have a clean box waiting lined with a towel. Grab one at a time, give a quick dip and a rub and put in the clean box. Blow dry them on a warm but gentle setting once you have them all clean.
A helper would make it much easier.

Edited to add: Get a waterer they can't swim in.
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thats the thing the waterer i have is a chick waterer .. needless to say the meaties are a ton more messy than my pullets

I would do the same thing, one by one clean them off and make sure they have plenty of heat so they don't get cold.
I bet they look cute all soaked though

You can use a waterer like this and it will keep them from doing it again.

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