4 day old with sour crop?


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Aug 8, 2010
NW Washington
I'm wondering if my 4 day old RIR has sour crop... I've noticed that every so often there is a clear slime coming out of its mouth. Yesterday I slightly pushed on its crop and it forced more of the slime out. What do you all think?

In the meantime, I'm giving it ACV water, as I read on here somewhere that it can help sour crop (I'm still pretty new to raising chickens).

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Sep 7, 2010
If the chick is doing all other chick things like it should I would not stress about sour crop at all. Is the chick moving about, drinking and pooping no pasty butt? If it is likely the slobber is nothing of concern.

Actually I think it way too young for that as it is a yeast infection which seams to get older birds often when stressed or after eating junk that does not go through. There is a significant risk getting stuff from the digestive system into the respritory system when attempting to empty the crop and I would not try that unless you were sure the crop was backing up and food could not be moved down.

It is possible that a chick has some blockage or defect in the digestive system and that would stop food from going through, likely little that can be done in that case and the chick will quickly decline from dehydration/malnutrition..

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