4+ Dozen Assorted Silkie Eggs (b/b/s & white)

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    Assorted Silkie Eggs consist of (as of this morning and will include anything I gather tonight:
    These eggs will ship tomorrow. Hens are laying like crazy and being over run with eggs so please take advantage while you can.
    Thanks cj

    16-Black/Blue/Splash (and many BYC Members have gotten Lavenders)


    All my silkies are separated by colors except from the b/b/s pen. I have a black, blue and splash roo in with them. So you could get black, blue, splash and some BYC Members have gotten lavenders.
    The Roo that is in the picture is a Lavender Splash.. he has been added to the b/b/s pen. He is from Bobbi Porto.

    All purchases can be paid via paypal to [email protected]
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