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    Jul 8, 2013
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    I figured this was the best place to put this post, so here we go.
    My current grand champion fit and show bird went broody with chicks A few weeks before a show. Thats fine. Its one of the two state fairs we have in Washington. But, now, she attacks me if I go near her to train with her/go near her chicks. So Im not sure what to do. I am not training another bird in a week. So, what do I do? Wing it and see what happens?

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    Apr 8, 2013
    So do you need to show her in a week, if I understand correctly?

    If she's your only show option, I'd take her chicks away and rear them separately. I'd do that anyway, just so she doesn't teach them to assault humans. In a week's time she'll be unbonded and may be ready to show. Or, like some hens, she may immediately try to brood again. I don't know if you can get her back into show condition/behavior in time, sorry, it doesn't seem too likely.

    If you want to show her with the chicks, well, I don't know just about anything much about showing, or what's required of show stock, so I can't offer any suggestions there.

    I had a hen once who attacked humans for approaching her chicks. Ironically her aggression killed her before I got around to culling her, as much as I initially liked the bird. She tried to eat a piece of grass and attack me at the same time and inhaled the grass. Good looking bird. Good mother. But good riddance. I don't have the time to breed aggression out of them. If you do, good for you and I hope it works.

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