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Jan 10, 2008
I would like to know a bit about showing chickens and maybe do a little as part of my project for 4-H. Id like to know what is really involved in this. Like, how well bred do the chickens have to be? I know in regular shows they are judging on the breed, but I know 4-H shows may be different(because they judge horse shows here differently for 4H) and I dont know if its any different for 4H chicken shows. Also, how old do the chickens have to be?


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Aug 13, 2007
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If you do a web search on 4-H and your state you should find a listing where you can contact your local chapter.

Also your county's agricultural agent may be able to help you.

I'm sure someone else with direct experience here will chime in also soon!


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Sep 8, 2007
San Rafael, California
At 4-h shows they still judge the birds the same way. They pick the best ones, simply as that.
With horses I believe they judge on how well you handle your animal. And they certainly judge on that with SHOWMANSHIP with chickens


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Oct 3, 2007
I am a county 4H leader & Poultry Developmental Commitee member in Michigan, and I know our Poultry Developmental Commitee has been sought after before to help other county's 4H poultry programs. We host a state wide 4H poultry show and when doing so we try to find judges that judge birds on the American Poultry Assn. standards. We do that for our county fair also. They judge by the breed description in the Standard of Perfection, just as is done in an open show. That way our kids will learn the pro's and con's of different breeds, and if they have birds that meet the standard or not.
Some kids don't mind having the backyard chicken, they love them no matter what. Others strive to bring the best they have, and breed even better. I know our county doesn't have a spot for the backyard bird in our listing, but some kids choose the breed their bird most resembles and put them in that class. That's not to say the bird won't be disqualified, but it helps the kids have a better idea of what they have.
Also, we have many kids who's showmanship (yes, it's required in our county to show poultry) bird is a mutt, raised in the kitchen and constant companion to those great kids! Sometimes this is the BEST bird for that particular class. The mutt birds are like dogs and many seem to get the best of all breeds involved, and are usually well loved by their people

Best of luck to you, and i'd agree with the others, check with your local 4H extension office and find a club to visit!


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Feb 10, 2008
Western Oregon
I showed in Poultry 4-H for 7 years in Oregon. I raised Black Rosecombs and Partridge Cochin bantams. I got my stock from a local show breeder and did quite well in both 4-H and the open shows that I entered at the fairs. I was able to breed from my original trios and sell at the open shows. I got the most personal satisfaction out of how I did in showmanship, where quality of the bird is not judged. You will get so much information from your local 4-H group!


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Apr 15, 2007
Okay, Pending on you location and who runs the program is the style of a 4-H poultry. So for Baltimore MD we have it as not breed specific but as laying, fancy clean legged, and fancy feather footed, and then a who jumped the fence class for mix breeds. so i would call your local 4-H office and find out who is running the program and get into contact with them about how they run it that is the best way to find out. Good Luck

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