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    Jul 5, 2011
    First, I want to thank so many posters on here for all of the help you have given our son and learning about poultry. We have a small flock of 8 hens, 3 guineas. Last year he showed the guineas and followed advice he found on here. He did well. This year we added 6 silkies and a new coop in addition to the production chickens. He is even donating his eggs to a local food pantry each week as part of his project. For this year's show, he wants to show a dozen eggs and his silkie pairs. I read and explained to him, as he is autistic, what we need to do by bathing and blow drying the chickens before the show, etc. If anyone could help us by giving us a quick run-down of what to do to show the eggs and some silkie pointers, etc. it would be great. Is there any age too young to show the silkies? Is there any age too young to wash the silkies ? We also change the coop bedding every two=three weeks to keep down on all disease etc. A family member was an animal science/feed specialist so the food is covered as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, our son has come from being scared of the chickens two years ago to now holding and talking to his silkies each day. It is a real miracle. Thanks again!
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    I have show silkies, so a few good things to do would be to scrub the feet with a toothbrush (preferably not one you plan to use later) and bathe them with dandruff shampoo.
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    I'll bet different states have different rules. You should probably contact the poulty leader in your county. We have to have ours tested for pollorum (if we don't have paperwork from the breeder) and also dust them two weeks before fair and then a few days before fair. It doesn't matter how often you clean the bedding they could still have lice or mites. Being new birds and a new coop they probably don't yet but our county really wants you to do it regardless. They will check for mites/ lice before entering the barn. I'm jealous that your kids get to bring eggs. We just have the bird judging.

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