4 Hens Need New Home in Ohio!


Sep 25, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Area.

Moving out of state, and every person that was interested has fallen through.

1 EE
1 Buff Orpington
2 Speckled Sussex

Just under a year old, steady layers, and very sweet/friendly birds.
Free to loving home. Can include feeder/waterer for someone just starting out.
Which way are you moving? Im in west salem north east ohio. I need a few hens my last coop was broken into so i have a lonely hen. Not sure about the distance to you though. Maybe we could work something out if i pay for your gas or something.
If you still need a home, let me know -- I can come get them for you; I'm up in Prospect and come down to Dayton/Maineville regularly.

If they have a home already, YAY!

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