4-Her will raise chicks to POL, La Crosse WI Area


10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
West Central WI
Looking for hens and didn't see what you wanted? Want just a few hens, but the hatchery will only sell what you want in qtys of 25 and straight run?

My 4-Her's would love to raise those straight run chicks for you!

We can have the birds shipped to us, we'll brood them to the point where you tell if they are boys or girls and no longer need supplemental heat. If you would like to select your pullets at this stage and take them home, that would be fine. Otherwise, we can continue to care for them until they reach point of lay.

Price to be determined by what you want and when you want them.

We raise young birds on pasture inside an electronet fence to protect from predators.

We would rather not ship, so please pick up or arrange to meet within 2 hours of La Crosse, Madison or Wausau (we make regular trips to these cities).
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