4 hour old chick, one leg shorter than the other?


De Regenboog Kippetjes
13 Years
Apr 7, 2010
ive had a chick hatch today that was taking far too long to get to its feet, so ive opened the incubator and had a look. one leg is shorter than the other.

will this little cutie learn to get around or is it a cull now jobby? if it only had one leg id have already culled, but seeing as it has two functional legs im a bit ummm ahhhing over it....
Give it some time. I had a chick that I should have culled when he was about 5 days old. He was attacked by a meat bird and paralyzed. Some good care and he is out running around with the rest of the flock now. I still think he's a bit "touched" in the head, but he's fully healthy besides that.

They'll let you know when it's time.

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