4 Large roosters in need of new home in Binghamton, NY area


Jul 25, 2018
Windsor, NY
I have 4 roosters, hatched July 5 this year, that need new homes ASAP. Two are really into the breeding idea now. I've been looking for homes for them for a while but now they HAVE to go. Free... They are not mean or aggressive to people, although I do not handle them either. 20181108_230452.jpg They are nice looking birds, one is copper/black and 3 have the barred rock markings. Not sure of their breeding (got the eggs from an area farmer) but know that one of their roosters was a brahma. All have some feathers on their legs and feet, some have more than the others. I, personally, cannot cull them - don't have the stomach for it and my hubby doesn't seem to interested in it either... but I have 4 roos, 4 hens and 5 pullets... the numbers are just not working!

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