4+ large White Chinese Geese Goose Hatching Eggs

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    The geese are laying! The geese are laying!

    Our active and vocal flock of White Chinese Geese have started laying for the year. We have two handsome ganders: Dandy and Nibbles. With four lovely geese ladies: Lucy Goosy and Shy China, and "youngsters" Cappa and Delta. Dandy, Nibbs, Lucy and Shy are roughly 5 years old, with Cappa being 2 and Delta 1.

    Lucy Goosy and Shy China have gone broody the last two years, and so I have never hatched the goose eggs in the incubator - but my test hatcher are reporting back with develoment.

    Eggs will be sent Saturday April 23 and will be FRESH, FRESH, FRESH! Paypal payment to: [email protected] is due Friday night April 22nd.

    Eggs will be wrapped in tissue, then bubble wrapped, placed in box surrounded by shredded paper – then placed in a Large Flat Rate shipping box with the void between the boxes being filled with shredded paper also. My double boxed hatching eggs have all shipped very well with good hatching rates.

    These are great dual purpose geese for us. We enjoy eating and baking with the eggs in spring thru summer. We also process our extra geese hatched by the girls for the freezer. Goose is delicious and the fat from them divine for cooking.





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