4 Lion Head Bunnies


ChowDown Silkie Farm
10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Hornbeak, Tennessee
I have 4 Lion Head bunnies about 3 months old. 1 buck and 3 does. They are really sweet and just love to be petted. But need homes to be somebody's pets. They could use grooming. They all live in a hutch together and get along fine but hormones will soon be kicking in and I don't want more of them. I would love t find them homes to be pets. One of them has long hair and a long mane. Maybe she could be used for exhibition. I don't know anything about that really but with some grooming she would be a real beauty

I don't ship, they would have to be picked up. One or all. I live in Hornbeak, TN which is about as far north west as you can get in Tennessee. I'm very near Reelfoot Lake
Here are some pics of them. They where fighting who was going to get petted. lol


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