4 mo. Rhode Island Red has diarrhea, mucus in mouth, eyes closed.!!

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  1. LACityHen

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    Mar 12, 2013
    Last night all my girls were fine when I put them to bed.

    This morning when I went to let the girls out I noticed one Rhode Island Red laying in the coop. She didn't respond by moving but her eyes were open. I moved her to a separate crate and have since gotten Vet Rx and some antibiotics, but haven't administered any antibiotics yet.

    She had diarrhea a few days ago, but by the next day had cleared up and she wasn't acting oddly, I made sure she was eating and drinking and thought she was fine. None of the other hens are exhibiting any symptoms.

    I have cleaned her butt and tried to get her to drink but she wont take anything and hasn't gotten up at all, she moved into a different position but thats all. After I gave her the VetRx she still keeps her eyes closed but is now drooling some of the mucus.

    Any Ideas, suggestions would be so appreciated!!!

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  2. tbroui

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    Aug 30, 2013
    My RIR is having same symptoms. I gave her vet rx tonight. Did it help with yours? What was the outcome?

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