4 month old araucanas... what to expect

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  1. ChickenBiscuit

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    Apr 29, 2011
    Hi, A few questions (I'm sure I could find the answers on the site but I am having trouble navagating):

    My araucana chickens are 4 months old.

    1. When do I start feeding them adult chicken food?
    2. When do I start feeding them oyster shells?
    3. When should I expect my first egg?
    4. How do I get them to "notice" their next boxes? They never go in their hen house because it is so nice outside. I've coaxed them in with food but they don't really hang out or sleep there.

    Thanks for your help. I hope to be the one answering instead of always asking one day!!
    ~Lealyn and 5 beautiful ladies
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    Nov 25, 2008
    You can feed them adult food now, you can have a dish of oyster shells next to their food dish, they will eat it when they want it. They will notice their nest box when they are ready to start laying. It is normal for them to want to be outside instead of inside, especially if they are the true araucana. Araucanas start laying around 5 to 6 months usually. EE's take a little longer.

    Hope that answers all your questions.


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