4 month old Cayuga and Pekins - sexing help

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by LittleRooster, Aug 9, 2011.

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    I have 4 month old Cayuga and Pekins - 2 of each. I have had them about a month (raised by someone else to that point).

    I read the stickie about sexing ducks. It said the Pekins are the same color so must use other methods to determine. And I didn't see anything about the Cayugas. I tried getting some pics last night and listening to their voices but I wasn't telling a difference in their voices....or couldn't tell who was saying what! The geese honking didn't help! LOL

    So, what are the other Pekin methods and can anyone help me with the Cayugas? I am really hoping I don't have a bunch of drakes but I posted on another thread about aggressiveness towards my female Rouen and I am fearing having too many drakes. Here are a couple pics.








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    The first pic is a drake for sure. In the last pic, the pekin in the back looks like it has the start of a drake feather. Voice sexing is the best way but you'll need to separate them. It can be really hard to hear who is making what noise if you don't.

    eta: if you don't hear any loud definitive "QUACK" coming from them, it could be that whoever you got them from stuck you with 4 unwanted drakes. [​IMG]
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    I have cayugas and pekins, so I may be of some help!
    In the first picture, you can see a curly feather at the base of the duck's tail. This is a sex feather, also known as a drake feather. Only the males get it, so that one is a drake for sure. I can't tell with the other one because I can't see the tail very well. But if that one has a curly feather as well, its a drake too. At 4 months, they should have their curly feathers so if that one doesn't have one then it's most likely a female.
    And when you pick them up, the females will quack very loud and clear. The drakes will have a more quiet, raspy quack.
    And I've found with the cayugas that the drakes are noticeably larger than the females, so you might be able to tell that way.

    As for the pekins, I'm going to say you have 2 females. By that age, my drake had his curly feather. It is possibly for you to miss it though if you aren't paying attention. They lose their juvenile feathers around 3-4 months old, and grow their adult feathers. If that juvenile curly feather falls out before you notice it, he won't grow another until he is done growing in his adult feathers.
    You can sex them by picking them up. The females of this breed are LOUD quackers! The males either won't quack at all, or they will be quiet and raspy.

    Good luck and let us know when you get it figured out!

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