4 month old Photo Op!! (pic heavy!)

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    I almost couldn't wait for today to do my photo op! [​IMG]

    The little girls are 4 months old already! Lots has happened the past month, but most importantly, the little girls are now part of the big-girl-flock! So the pullets spend their time dodging around grumpy big girls, while making up for it by chasing around the little Sebrights. [​IMG] The little girls haven't quite found their place in the pecking order, but have formed their own little hierarchy amongst themselves; little Maggie, the smallest one of the bunch, is the big head-honcho, with Diana and Cressy close behind her. [​IMG]
    In alphabetical order:

    Betty, my adventurous little Easter-Egger! She's in constant motion, I swear, unless I'm trying to take a picture of someone behind her! [​IMG]

    My pretty Easter-Egger, Cressida [​IMG]

    Good ol' barred rock Cricket--she's got too much energy for her own good!

    Sweet, sassy barred rock Debra Jo. Goodness, her wattles shot out these past couple weeks!

    Barred rock Diana, with her gentle and inquisitive nature.

    My sweet, sweet barred rock, Freema. She loves to hop on my lap and get lots of hugs! [​IMG]

    Barred rock Kate is so shy... She's always back in the undergrowth, where I can't see her. (This was a hard pic to get. Note my mom's hand, trying to stop little Kate from moving around.)

    Tough little Easter-Egger Maggie. The smallest of the lot, but still little Alpha of the pullets. Man, if she doesn't want to be touched, she'll let you know! [​IMG]

    Easter-Egger Mako--this was the only pic I got of her! She's not as shy as Kate, but acts like she's afraid of me most of the time! Then she comes over and lets me rub her chest. [​IMG]

    Barred rock Natalie, the quiet one.

    Noisy little Easter-Egger Wynne. She reminds me of an owl for some reason...

    And some extra pictures!! [​IMG]

    Cricket climbing a grape vine

    Debra Jo with her classic diva look

    Cressy and Mags posing for their picture

    And I have a bunch more because some of the pullets went insane and hopped WAAAAY up onto the grape vine, but I'm gonna post another topic for that little story. [​IMG]
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    Beautiful, healthy chickens. [​IMG] so cute
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    Your chickens are so pretty! I like how you pointed out each one's personality.
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    Jun 11, 2011
    Quote:x2. THey are really beautiful! [​IMG]
  5. The Red Rooster

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    Love the pics!
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    Those are so beautiful! Wynne is very elegant. And I'm so partial to Barred Rocks-I have one named Wynette.
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    Ah, thanks for all the compliments! This was one pretty group (although I forgot to get the boys in there again)! First ones we've ever gotten from a hatchery instead of a feed store and they're so much more friendly than any other chickens I've had! [​IMG]

    Edited to add: If you wanted to check out their 2 month and 3 month photo ops, they're here:
    https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=535599 --2 month
    https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=550747 --3 month
    Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures for their one month 'birthday', but that's okay--I couldn't tell most of them appart back then.
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    nice photos of your lovely flock! Thank you!

    I miss having EE's...they are such interesting birds.

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