4 month old Silkie pullet lost a lot of weight

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    Apr 14, 2010
    When I picked up one of my silkie pullets 3 days ago I was appalled to feel how light she had become,I usually check them every day, but this one is very shy and difficult to catch, she looked fine so I didn't worry, but when I finally picked her up, I couldn't believe how much weight she had lost in just about a fortnight.(a friend of mine is a show judge, and he had come to look at her for me, he would have picked it up straight away if she was too thin) Her backside was also dirty, and seemed to have a lot of "poop" stuck to it. I isolated her, and wormed her, but she is eating ravenously, and seems to be quite thirsty, her poops today look quite normal, the right colour and consistency.Her crop was also nice and full by the end of today. I feed her a good quality mixed grain, plus household scraps. I also gave her a broad spectrum anti biotic in case she had some sort of chill, it has been very cold here in Australia lately. Any other suggestions would be most appreciated. She is a beautiful looking chick with the sweetest nature, even though a bit shy, and I had hoped to show her next year, plus I have had such a run of bad luck lately with various things I really don't need for anything else to go wrong! I did read that Marecks can attack young pullets in this way - they loose weight but still eat and now I am panicking!
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, hope someone can help out with advice.
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